Our Porpuse

Few things are as good as being together.

García Baquero


Few things are as good as being together.

Good things are, because they bring us together.

Sometimes good thing is something as simple as finding yourself again, feeling confortable, feeling good. Good thing is above all to be with our people and to offer them and to be offered, of course, the good thing.

There are good times, with good friends.

Time to listen good stories, sharing good moments. The good thing comes from good places, from good land. Good is that which connects you with your good memories, which evokes your history, your town, your people.

What is good is what is real, what is done with honesty and from respect. Good is, what is welldone, with good manners, with good hands and good ideas. Good is that which arises from commitment, fidelity, dignity and dedication.

Good is what is shared, what includes us and makes us participants. Good is what is generous, what connects us, what enriches us, what pleases us and what captivates us.

What is good is what is timeless, what is breathed, what is done with patience, what is cared for, what is pampered.


And of course, good is what good people do, people who do things for love, those who give confidence, those who knows what is, will be and always has been, good.

And good is what we do every day in García Baquero, as good is our cheese, made withgood products, from the good place of always,spoiled with patience by good experts, by good people.


A cheese so good that it has connected us with you for generations.

So good that it gives you good times.

So good that it binds you to yours.

So good that it brings your friends together.

So good that it’s there for everyone

The good things, link us.