Our Purpose

A Trip for Senses

Cheese is a living food, which is born, evolves and matures


Few things are as good how to be united. Good things are, because they unite us
Our Cheeses

The passion and care of generations dedicated to the world of the Cheese

In La Manche since 1962

A life dedicated to cheese



Over 50 years’ experience


After a lot of hard work and effort, more and more people have come to like our cheese. In the mid-70s, in Alcázar de San Juan where we started out, we established our first manufacturing centre. This is where we still make many of the cheeses that reach your table, using the same artisan techniques and the same recipe that we have always used.


We pamper our animals

García Baquero knows that in order to obtain an excellent-quality cheese it is essential to have the best raw material. In this way, to ensure the highest quality of our milk, we have our own sheep and goat farms, which we pamper and care for since their origin.

Our Brands